On New Year’s Day, none of us had heard of Covid 19 but things have changed very radically in a short time.

Our Courts have closed down for all but the most essential matters. Law offices were first told that only 25% of their workforce could come in on any given day. Now all personnel

The Star Tribune has reported today that Ernie Banks, all star shortstop of the Chicago Cubs who died January 23rd at the age of 83 has left his estate to his caregiver Regina Rice. Banks made his will last October and the witnesses reported that he told them he was not intending to leave anything

The ABA Journal reports on the final failure of the Estate of Anna Nicole Smith to recover  hundreds of millions of dollars from the estate of her late husband J. Howard Marshall. Marshall, a Texas oil billionaire died at 89, a year after his marriage to Smith who was then 26. Not only are Smith and

Your lawblogger truly believes that  Philip Seymour Hoffman was the best actor of his time. Too bad this does not extend to his ability at estate planning. As reported by the New York Post and by extra tv.com here , Hoffman did not want to make his three kids into "trust babies" so he left