On New Year’s Day, none of us had heard of Covid 19 but things have changed very radically in a short time.

Our Courts have closed down for all but the most essential matters. Law offices were first told that only 25% of their workforce could come in on any given day. Now all personnel have been directed to stay home.

As of now, even electronic filing is strictly limited .  The Governor has issued an executive order basically  suspending all time limits which normally would control our legal system. All Evictions have been  suspended. As of this past  Friday, your lawblogger’s cases have all been postponed with no end in sight.

WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! This is going to literally take months to unravel once the system starts to come back. This is truly mindboggling .  Hopefully we can start to find our way through this mess once we are allowed to start to go about our business normally……..Watch this space.