Your lawblogger truly believes that  Philip Seymour Hoffman was the best actor of his time. Too bad this does not extend to his ability at estate planning. As reported by the New York Post and by extra here , Hoffman did not want to make his three kids into "trust babies" so he left all of his estate to his long time girlfriend and the mother of his children, Mimi O’Donnell.Hoffman felt that she would always take good care of his children so he took no steps to carve out a specific bequest for them. These sentiments have also been echoed lately by Sting who has said that he is not leaving anything to his children in order to insure that they will have to make their own way in the world without relying on his substantial wealth.

How will all of this work out? Considering that Hoffman died with a needle in his arm. we can only hope for the best for his children.