Yesterday’s Charlotte Observer  has reported on the latest chapter of the turbulent death of James Brown. The South Carolina Court of Appeals has directed that at least 300 items belonging to the late Godfather of Soul are to be auctioned off by Christies in New York on Thursday. The controversy that was part of the life of Brown has continued long after his death on Christmas Day 2006. You may recall that his body was kept in cold storage in his home while a battle raged as to how and where he should be buried. Then there were issues as to whether or not previously unidentified children were entitled to share in his estate. Now there has been a legal battle over the disposition of many items of his personal possessions. With Brown’s former business managers waging a court fight to stop the auction, Judge Jasper Cureton has decided to permit the auction to take place and "sort things out later". Hurry to Christies on July 17th if you want to take a shot at acquiring Brown’s red jump suit, his blue satin cape or some of his hair picks or rollers! One certain thing , however, is that this estate still has some more mileage — and headlines — left, so stay tuned.