It is four years since the death of Anna Nicole Smith from an accidental prescription drug overdose. The smoke has cleared from the great "Who’s Your Daddy ?" controversy which exploded across the nation’s headlines soon after. And now, the ABA Journal reports that her heirs are about to carry on her fight for the fortune of her late husband to the Supreme Court.

For those of you struggling to recall the ancient history here,  Anna Nicole Smith had been married to J Howard Marshall, an elderly Texas billionaire for about a year when he died without having included her in his will. Smith subsequently filed for bankruptcy and it was a bankruptcy judge who found for her in a claim against her late husband’s son Pierce Marshall for tortiously interfering with a trust to be set up for her. Originally 474 million dollars, the bankruptcy court’s award to Smith was reduced to 88 million dollars. That judgment was then vacated by the 9th Circuit of the Federal Court in San Francisco . It now will be reviewed on certiorari by the Supreme Court so stay tuned for further details.