Today’s Greenwich Post reports that a one million dollar settlement negoiated with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines  by Jennifer Hagel Smith has been upheld by Connecticut Probate Judge David Hopper. You may remember that Ms. Hagel Smith’s husband George Smith IV mysteriously disappeared from the cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas on the couple’s honeymoon cruise in the Aegean Sea in July 2005.

Evidently, Mr. Smith disappeared from the couple’s stateroom after a night of drinking aboard ship. Signs of a struggle combined with a large smear of blood on the side of the ship has left a cloud of suspicion over his  death.  Mr. Smith’s family filed their own lawsuit and have objected to the fact that his widow has negotiated this settlement with the cruise line without their knowledge or involvement. The family’s lawsuit was dismissed by a Florida Court but that determination is still up on appeal

With the FBI still investigating the circumstances of Smith’s disappearance and with charges and counter charges continuing to fly, this case is a long way from over.