The hits just keep coming for Francis X. Morrissey, the former attorney of the late Brooke Astor who died last August at the age of 105. Today’s New York Times reports that Mr. Morrissey represented a veritable Who’s Who of New York’s elderly and wealthy. What is somewhat odd –but unfortunately understandable under the circumstances– is that he took care of the legal business of many of these clients without charging them fees. Evidently he stumbled across a surefire formula that if you ingratiate yourself with elderly rich folks by doing their legal work gratis at the same time you are taking them to dinner, Broadway shows and bringing them smoked hams, turkeys and cashmere robes you will be rewarded in their wills. Big Time! As the Times article claims, Mr. Morrissey would have another attorney , Warren J. Forsythe Esq., prepare the wills of these clients. Invariably the wills would either provide substantial bequests for him or name him as a fiduciary so that he could earn large commissions. Mr. Morrissey has been hit with an eighteen count indictment arising out of his representation of Ms. Astor. It will certainly be interesting watching this case play out in the criminal court.