"Don’t forget the attic" is an interesting reminder that comes from a fellow lawblogger at the Donnelly Ritigstein Law Firm.  While I must count myself among the millions of you whose mothers unceremoniously disposed of our baseball card and comic book collections [growing up in New York in the fifties, my extensive collection would have been worth zillions today had it only remained in tact], occasionally a basement or attic yields some incredible treasure as witness the story of the Midwestern family who discovered a stash of valuable baseball cards left seventy years ago in an attic when their grandfather died.

It can be very daunting to confront an attic or garage in the home of a relative who spent generations hoarding possessions in boxes and bags. Before you call 800 Take My Stuff or some other such bulk clean out operation, it might not be a bad idea to spend some time sifting though the junk. Even if you do not find the rare and valuable treasure lurking in the corner, there is a great possibility you will stumble across some family heirlooms which will bring back some warm memories and which can  be shared with other relatives. My own surprise came when I looked inside of a beat-up plastic container I was about to toss while cleaning my parents’ home. In it were at least two hundred letters my dad wrote from the Pacific during World War II. Reading them made a tough time quite a bit easier and gave me a new perspective on my dad after Alzheimer’s had taken him.