Today’s New York Times has reported the indictments of Anthony D.Marshall, 83 year old son of the late Brooke Astor together with Francis X. Morrissey Jr. Esq. ,a former lawyer of the socialite who passed away in August at the age of 105. The two are charged with irregularities dealing with their activities involving the handling of her financial affairs.

Marshall’s troubles first began in 2006 after his son (the decedent’s grandson) Philip Marshall raised serious issues as to whether or not his grandmother was the victim of elder abuse. The ensuing uproar and investigation led to a host of questions concerning the mishandling of millions of dollars of Brooke Astor’s assets. According to J.P. Morgan Chase –the court-appointed guardian of Ms. Astor’s property–  there were questions concerning her competency in 2003 when several millions of dollars worth of assets were transferred to her son. Morrissey’s conduct in supervising the execution of an amendment to her will amidst allegations that it was forged have led to a new round of troubles for the attorney who was suspended  for two years for escrow violations in the mid nineteen ninety’s. His fees for his handling the sale of  the socialite’s favorite piece of art  were said to be at least two million dollars.