Today’s New York Times business section tells us of  the mysterious death in Florida of 44 year old hedge fund manager Seth Tobias this past September 4th. From all appearances, he had suffered a fatal heart attack and was found in his swimming pool. Initially, there were no suspicions raised by the death of this man who had controlled a 300 million dollar hedge fund and whose estate is estimated at about 25 million dollars.

Of course, large amounts of money can lead to king-sized claims. Mr. Tobias’ four brothers have already filed a lawsuit against his widow Filomena amidst claims that she had drugged and murdered her husband even though she has not been charged with any crime. The Jupiter Florida police have not opened a criminal investigation –and are not likely to do so until the results of the medical examiner’s toxicology tests are known.

Meanwhile, Florida subscribes to the doctrine that one cannot profit by one’s own wrongdoing and therefore a killer cannot inherit from his or her victim.The stakes here will be extremely high in all respects –and it looks as if we will be treated to a lurid and exciting wild ride which will, incidentally, provide us with more than a few lessons in the law before it is over.