In her last public interview in 1994, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis stated that her most important accomplishment in life was to insure that her children loved each other. Your lawblogger has taken her words to heart over the years. As a litigator practicing in the field of contested matrimonials and contested estates, I can definitively state that nothing matches the intensity of an estate contest between siblings. This is an opinion laid out recently by Patricia Davidson in the MetroWest Daily News.

Sibling rivalries have roots that often run deeply into childhood. "Mom always liked you best" festers for generations until both parents have passed away , when it explodes with all the fury that adult children can muster . The more money they have to pay counsel, the harder they can fight.While family businesses worth millions may be at the center of the battle, it is amazing at how trivial some fights may be.

The time to avoid an epoch estate fight is when your children are young. Follow Jackie O’s lead and make damn sure they love each other. See a therapist if you cannot figure out how to do this yourself. In the end, you will have happier kids, you will be happier, and you can go to your eternal rest assured that what you have taken  a lifetime to build will not be squandered in meaningless litigation.