The Do It Yourself  legal industry is flourishing with claims that you do not need a lawyer to get your affairs in order with a low-cost DIY will. Just input your credit card information, download the easy to use form, fill in the blank spaces and seal it in an envelope in anticipation of Judgment Day. $29.95 will get you the security of knowing that you have made your Will and have not had to lay out huge sums of money for an attorney.

The problem is that your heirs may be saddled with huge and very expensive problems resulting from this "saving". You will need to be aware of tax issues and the dangers of leaving money to a relative who is a spendthrift, or who is receiving public assistance, to mention just ta few pitfalls.

By doing it yourself without a lawyer, you also lose the advantage of the Will being "duly executed" since New York provides that this requires a Will be executed under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Problems may also arise with witnesses who may be harder to find when needed to probate a will. The mistake of having a witness who is also a beneficiary is not unheard of . This will invalidate the bequest to that person.Be aware that rules concerning the form and execution of wills vary from state to state and your will has to be done according to the laws of the state you are in when you make it.

Chances are that your lawblogger is not an expert at whatever it is that you do for a living. Do not therefore presuppose that you are an expert at the law which  I practice for a living. When you are making your Will, you chose between paying a few hundred dollars to a lawyer now to get it done right– or run the risk that your heirs will pay a lot more later to correct any mistakes you have made.