The New York Law Journal has reported a decision of Nassau County Surrogate Edward McCarty III in the matter of the Will of Barboni, 2013-373014(April 25) which upheld the nomination of an executor whose two children both contested the choice, claiming that he had unduly influenced their father.

The court pointed out that the aggrieved children had attacked their father’s selection "in very broad strokes without any documentation or supporting evidence". Mere conclusory allegations in the absence of a showing of "good cause" or serious wrongdoing would not be sufficient to disqualify the nominee.

It is important to realize that the law is going to give a testator every opportunity to have the final say in the disposition of his or her worldly possessions, a job  made all the more difficult by the absence of the one person who could have been called upon to explain it all. It is therefore necessary to come up with substantial proof if one is to challenge a decision made from the grave. Simple bare bones allegations will not allow one to do this successfully.