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Appellate Division Allows Admission Of Extrinsic Evidence To Resolve Ambiguous Contract

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The decision of the Appellate Division’s Second Department to reverse Suffolk County Surrogate John  Czyger in the Matter of Kohn reported at http://2016 NY Slip Op 07194 involves a dispute over the meaning of a pre-nuptial agreement.  No tears here for the respondent wife who sought to sought a judgment entitling her to recover $3,500,000… Continue Reading

Handwritten Note Fails To Revoke Will–Just Another Example Of It’s Never A Good Idea To Write On A Will

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Oneida County Surrogate Louis Vigliotti’s decision in the Estate of Patricia Powers    is one more example of what happens when you write on a will —-generally nothing. Here it appears that the testator wrote a note on the face of the Will that she was revoking it and writing a new will (which she… Continue Reading

Make Sure Your Vital Information Doesn’t Die When You Do

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Twenty years ago, we always told our clients to make an inventory of their important information, give a copy to a child or trusted family member and leave a copy in a secure place for safekeeping. It’s amazing how much has changed in such a short time but that advice given today would be a… Continue Reading